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- 持續進修基金
- 營運工程師學會
- 學生資助辦事處
- 中國機械工程學會


The Hong Kong Institution of Transportation and Logistics Management (HKITLM) HKITLM was founded in 2002 as the international professional institution engaging in educational and endeavors to advance the art  of transportation and logistics management in the world.  HKITLM is a non-profit international professional institution composed of individuals organized to promote education, international recognition and management.

In recognition of the need for support to the education and training of logistics professionals, HKITLM works very closely with other professional institutions/societies, as HKITLM believes that the interchange of knowledge between all elements of the logistics community is vital to continuing development of the logistics professions. HKITLM also works very closely with educational institutions throughout the world. The Institution, through its Accredited Education Centers, has fostered the development and implementation of logistics oriented programmes at graduate and undergraduate levels.